Lab Testing- Soy Wax Burn vs Soy Blend

Lab Testing- Soy Wax Burn vs Soy Blend

Burn Testing

If you've been following our recent blog posts we've covered the topics of how to extend the life of your candle and soy wax vs soy wax blends and how they impact a candles frosting. This blog we decided to take things further and show you the difference between how a 100% soy wax (TNCC candle) will burn compared to a big box store candle (soy blend).

in performing our test we attempted to find a soy blend candle of approximately the same size and same diameter as our candles to allow for a close comparison. 

Test Setup

In performing our burn test both candles were lit together (we alternated which candle was lit first with each burn), burned for four hours (this is the recommended burn time for both candles), extingushed and then the wicks were trimmed once cooled. This was repeated for each burn sesson until the first candle extinguished itself. Additionally, both fragrances were of similar scents to allow for any descrepencies in the fragrance oils effecting the burn.

Initial Burn

Two nerds candle vs competitors burn test. Two nerds candle is on the left

Note: Two Nerds Candle on the left and competitors candle is on the right.

Following the initial lighting both candles exhibited similar burn characteristics with the competitors candle burning slightly hotter (this is typical as major candle manufacturers prefer to candle to burn too hot as it causes you to go through your candle faster and purchase another one). The competitors candle produced a hazy wax (likely due to the additives and parrafin mix), while our wax remained clear.

Continued Burn Testing

Two nerds candle burn test vs competitors, multiple burns conducted

Note: Two Nerds Candle on the left and competitors candle is on the right.

As our burn testing continued it became more evident how oversized the wick was in the competitors candle which caused it to burn hotter and created a very deep melt pool. Only the surface of the candle is producing a scent throw so all of that remaining liquid wax is just being wasted and the wax continued to be hazy.  Also note the size of the flames which are being produced and how it is not a steady flame which also shows the oversized wicks.

Burned Wax

As the burn tests continued it became evident that the competitors candle wax was burning and continuing to get worse with each progressive burn. A total of 11 burn tests were conducted on the competitors candle. The following picture was taken approximately halfway through the testing procedure which shows that the wax has gone from being hazy to being a grayish black color. You can see in the picture below that the TNCC candle remains clear.

soy wax burned

Note: Two Nerds Candle on the left and competitors candle is on the right.

As testing continued the wax continued to burn and continued to become more discolored over time. The following picture was taken towards the end of the testing phase.

Note: The competitors candle is located on the left and the two nerds candle is located on the right in this photo.


The competitors candle was purchased at full price for $24.50 and was 14.5 oz. soy wax blend. Their candle burned for a total of 44.5 hours before it extinguished itself.

The Two Nerds Candle sells at full price for $25 and is a 16 oz soy candle and contains no parrafin. Our candle burn for 90.5 hours before extinguishing itself. As you can see from the photo below right up to the end our wax remained clear and no burning occured on the sides of the jar.

Two Nerds Candle Burn Testing

As you can see from the information above the ingredients you put into a candle have a significant difference in the quality of the final burn. 

Let us know in the comments if there are any other tests you would like to see us perform!


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