Welcome to your Two Nerds Candle Company Party Experience! Get ready for a sensory journey like no other, where you and your friends will explore the tantalizing world of our candles that will ignite your mind, body, and soul.

Just fill out the link below, send out your invite to your friends, and prepare to dive into a world of fragrances and rewards like never before!


Free Candle

Host a party and automatically earn a free candle for hosting!

$150+ Spent

Earn an additional candle for every $150 spent at your party.

Refer a friend for a 30% off Coupon

Have your friend mention your name and email when booking and we will send you a 30% off your order coupon for your referral!


Learn about Candles

Everyone loves to burn candles but take advantage of this one on one experience with experts who know the ins and outs of candle making. We will show you the difference between waxes, the benefits of using quality ingredients, and how to take care of your candles.


Smell before you buy

Get personal recommendations from us on scents that you may like and learn about candles scent profiles. We love candles and love talking about them so let us know what you like and who knows you might see it in a future scent.


Host the Ultimate Candle Soiree!

Time to get the group together for a social event! As a host you decide the party theme and what will be served and we will bring all of the candles and display stands. Love the party and want to see how candles are made? Talk to us about hosting a candle making party for your next event and we will guide you through making your own candles!


Exclusive Giveaways

Who says you get to have all of the fun? We will ensure the party atmosphere is elevated with some complimentary giveaways and exclusive discounts.

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